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How does the AACD System work?

AACD System is based on the principle of traditional ear acupuncture. Historically, Chinese doctors noticed that massaging certain areas on the ear can cause a sense of mental calmness and physical relaxation. Following this observation and reactions, for thousands of years they experimented with stimulating the specific points of the ear to find that each point correlates to the functions of different organs. And eventually they concluded that different organs and parts of the entire body can be represented on the ear resembling an upside-down fetus. Now it is scientifically verified that stimulating ear acupoints with needle, electrical current, laser and intense pressure can help wide variety of illness including weight control, quit smoking, drug addiction and stress management. Press Point stimulate these ear acupoints with constant pressure effects with the use of microscopic-sized silver balls.

How do I know the exact locations of acupoints on the ear?

We provide a DVD which shows complete instructions of how and where to apply the AACD on the 3 different points on each ear for weight reduction. By referring to the DVD and looking in the mirror, you can locate the exact acupoints on your ears very easily.

Each acupoint has a diameter of 4 ~ 5 mm, and if you put the AACD within that range, you can get maximum effects all the time.

Can I wear it with earings or hearing aids?

Yes as it is not positioned near the ear lobes or the ear canal, they are not affected by earings or a hearing aid. Also, because they are hardly noticeable, they don't interfere with the aesthetics of earings.

Can I shower with AACD on?

Yes. They will stay on through showering for at least a week. Just pat dry with tissues after shower (do not pat dry with towel as it may get caught)

What if the AACD becomes dislodged before 5 days?

AACD may become dislodged or come off in less than a week if the user has very oily skin due to overly active sebaceous glands, or form excessive sweating. In this case you may need to replace the AACD more often. The kit contains extra AACD for this purpose. Make sure to clean the skin of the ear with alcohol swabs, and let the skin completely dry before you put them on.

Once you placed the AACD on the acupoints, press them firmly onto the skin. Another option is to put a new bandage, cut out a small piece to cover the Press Point patch itself on the ear. That would make the attachment of the Press Point to the skin more secure.

Can the tiny silver ball fall into the ear canal if the AACD becomes loose?

No. The surface of the ball is sticky due to the glue of the adhesive tape, and it usually falls out of the ear with the adhesive tape when it becomes dislodged. So far no such incident has been reported. However, if you mistakenly dropped the tiny balls in the ear canal, please seek appropriate advice from your doctor.

Once I start using AACD, what kind of reactions should I expect?

The rate at which one experiences any reaction from using the AACD System will vary form individual to individual. First you may notice your craving for food or appetite will reduce substantially and your stomach feel full easily with less food than before. Also, you may notice that you have more frequent urination and normal bowel movement than before, which indicates that the body's detoxification and cleansing functions are improved. In fact many users have reported that their constipation problems disappeared while using the Press Point.

How long does it take to notice my weight loss?

It depends on each person because everybody has a different metabolic rate. Some people can see the result quickly by losing 3 to 5 lbs (1.5 ~ 2.5 kg) in a week or so, but others may take much longer to see any weight loss. So far most users of Press Point have reported weight loss of 10 to 20 lbs ( 5 ~ 10 kg) within 2 to 3 months. This was achieved without following any special diets, exercise or change in daily routine. The best result we have ever been reported was one from a lady who lost 41 lbs (20 kg) in 4 months by using the Press Point System only. (She then started exercise for the first time in 15 years, and in one year she lost 72 lbs (36 kg)! See the testimonials.

How does AACD work for weight loss?

The 3 Points reducing craving for food or overeating, regulate the stomach and intestinal functions. By treating these 3 points together with AACD acupressure, you can cut the craving for food substantially and make your stomach feel full easily with less amount of food than before. As a result you start losing weight slowly but steadily without much struggle.

What part of the body can show the weight loss more clearly with the use of AACD?

It varies with each person, but we found four main parts that show the weight loss effect most clearly; They are the facial cheeks, waist line, buttocks and thighs. Some people will show weight loss in all of those parts, but others will show it in one or two of them more clearly than the rest.

Do I keep losing weight as long as I use the AACD on the ears?

No. The Press Point System works within the natural mechanism of your body, so once weight loss reaches your own proper level, it tends to stay at a plateau. In other words, it should be your normal weight at that point. Some users who had reached a plateau, but were still overweight, found that the body "rested" on a plateau for a while to adjust from the initial weight loss, but resumed to lose weight after a few weeks with the continued use of the Press Point. But only down to the body's normal healthy weight.

Will I re-gain weight after I stop using AACD?

We found that most users can retain their normal weight for at least a couple months even after they stop using AACD, because the stomach no longer requires as much food as before to feel full. Also, the body's metabolic rate has adjusted to a lesser food intake. But if your appetite or craving for food does increase, you should resume the use of Press Point as a precaution against regaining weight. Refill kits are available upon request.

The price of the Auricular Acupuncture Crystal Diamond is $59.00 . You can contact us on 02 9569 0208 or

*Needles treatment is an invasive treatment causing pain and will deter people from trying.